Join the Movement

Here are 5 easy steps to join our movement and make the world a more hospitable place :

1. Buy EVO³ organic olive oil. Plant trees. Provide jobs.  It’s simple.  All you need to do is take EVO³ home with you because by doing that, we ensure that for every bottle you buy, one tree will be planted in a deforested area. This way you will not only be minimizing the effects of climate change, but also help to provide income to local communities, create work and change lives. See more and spread the word on the key role of trees for fighting climate change, storing carbon, providing ecosystem services for the poor at Conservation International and explore our partner’s Eden’s activities in a fight against deforestation and creating jobs.

2. Look for products that are organic, local and/or have a social responsible cause connected to their business ideology. More companies should not act only as profit-making machines and ensure that they give back to the community. Favor socially and environmentally responsible products and motivate other, less cautious companies to do so too.

3. Responsible choices.  Taking heed of what you buy when it comes to products which often involve child labor, underpaid or slave labor – predominant in industries like sugar, cocoa, coffee and tobacco products. Look for socially responsible companies, fair trade or other options/companies that offer right working conditions. If you are unsure, buy from countries, where strict labor laws are in place (like the EU area).   Always check the labels to see where the product has been bottled or packaged.  See more on products which were most likely produced by slave labor at this article.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Only buy what you need and try to avoid food waste, which is one of the major parts of a usual household’s garbage.  Find creative ways to reuse a product, for example use a bottle as a candle or water holder, flower pot and so on. When possible, recycle and buy products that are made from recycled material. You can find out more on how to minimize your food waste at Love food, Hate waste.

5. Eating habits. Try to eat a meal with fresh ingredients everyday, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil (look at our recipes). Get rid of packaged food that is harmful to your health and the environment.  Fresh food is environment-friendlier, both through the production and the disposal of packaging (all the waste you generate when preparing fresh vegetables, fruit, fish or meat is biodegradable and uses less energy).  It is also healthier as it contains less plastics and hormone-disrupting chemicals.