One Bottle, One Tree

evo3 is focused on more than just producing innovative Greek foods and planting trees. We want to help change lives. Not only does reforestation revitalize dry arid soil and provide a substantial oxygen supply, but it directly benefits locals living in the area through permanent and seasonal employment. We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, a not-for-profit organization, to ensure that evo3 truly has an expansive footprint. We have also partnered with the Women’s Cooperative of Parakila on Lesvos, to support the empowerment of women in this local village.  This is the essence of our unique cause coupled with our unique food products.


As evo3 reflects the circle of life, the beginning of its journey commences from a tree – the olive tree – and the road ends with a tree – specific species planting in different areas. Planting a tree not only sows the seeds of life for the environment but also for people.

Trees are a fundamental resource and a lifeline for the whole ecosystem. As forests are depleting at an alarming rate, the places in which we live and how we live as humans are affected.


environmental impact

The effects of planting trees are significant. You can be a part of building healthy forest systems, stopping flooding and erosion, and filling up aquifers again. Trees capture the carbon from our atmosphere, restoring the balance from the negative effects of climate change. They also create a livelihood for people.

social impact

Of course, trees do not plant themselves. You need people to perform this task. That is why we teamed up with Eden Reforestation in order to change people’s lives as well. First, the community is hired to help spread seedlings to be used for planting. After this, locals spend long hours clearing the planting sites of debris in order to promote better growth. Between this preparation and the resulting planting, fifty trees can provide one local worker with a full day of employment.
After this though, the communities are then hired to guard the reforestation sites from any grazing animals or extreme weather for up to seven years.  We also help the local economy of Lesvos, in particular empowering women in a local village, by exclusively producing our sweet olive jams there.


The trees planted with evo3 are done so with the intention of solving an ever increasing problem. The impact of these trees extends far beyond the environment; it provides communities with jobs, sustenance, and a future. This is one step closer to sustainably getting people out of poverty.

evo3 gives you the opportunity to help ignite these changes by one simple act. Be a part of our evolutionary cycle.

Buy a product, plant a tree, save a life.