Mission Statement

EVO3 is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic products on the market. Our products are all ethically sourced and adhere to sustainable concepts, while our business serves as a model of responsible social enterprise. Our mission is founded on the following core principles:


Quality  We produce the highest quality products utilizing the highest standards

Organic We will be a trusted brand in the marketplace for being organic and retain all certifications to prove it,

Evolving  We will constantly work to improve our existing products and of ways to develop new ones.

Social Responsibility

Social Causes – Our charitable focus is on supporting cancer research and reversing the effects of deforestation and its effect on climate change

Sustainability – We utilize sustainable growing methods that are pesticide and chemical free and strive to minimize our environmental footprint

Community – We actively support the communities in which we work, giving back whenever possible to the people around us



Honesty – We are always fair and honest with our employees, suppliers, customers and consumers

Trust – We will build and maintain your trust and honor our commitments, down to the smallest details

Ethics – Our business practices will be based on honesty and transparency while also following the spirit of the law


Accountability We will practice both personal and professional responsibility while working to achieve our business goals

Inclusion – We value diversity of thought and continue to maintain a work environment where everyone thrives

Adaptation – We are open-minded, embrace change and encourage our employees to “challenge the process”