mission statement

We, at evo3, have dedicated ourselves to make this endeavor into a successful social enterprise, and to adhere to a sustainable concept.  Our mission is founded on the following three principles:


When you have passion in what you do, the result will be something of true beauty.  That is why we take great pride in our organic olive oil.  With our sustainable farming methods and our pesticide and chemical-free cultivation, we create a high-quality product with the highest standards.  We strive to make sure you get exactly what you buy.

social cause

Our focus is deforestation.  Our hope is to reverse the problem.  However, our fight goes beyond just planting trees in areas of need.  We aim to tackle the repercussions of climate change and global warming in our own way and to unite people to aid us.  By planting trees, we also help people sustainably exit from poverty by creating work.  We seek to re-forest, re-establish, and to re-connect.


Our business practice is based on honesty and transparency.  This is reflected in our product as well as our establishment.  We value our customers and our reputation, and we strive to gain your trust.  With so much abuse occurring in the industry, we aim to change the perception of consumers for the better and to urge them to join our goals and ambitions.

We endeavour to keep intact the thread that binds us all by seeking to meet human needs and to help alleviate the conscious eradication of our environment by incorporating these in our day-to-day operations.  This is our promise to you.