Taste of Lesvos + CBD Olive Oil Set


Indulge in a wonderful variety of EVO3 olive oils from the Greek island of Lesvos, including our new CBD-Infused Organic Olive Oil. The perfect gift for the foodie in your life!

EVO3 CBD-Infused Organic Olive Oil adds the health benefits of hemp-derived CBD to our heart healthy organic olive oil. We recommend consuming a tablespoon of this oil every day for maximum benefit! This delicate olive oil is best used as a finishing oil.

EVO3 Organic Olive Oil has a beautiful flavor that really shines when used for dipping and as a finishing oil to add flavor to dishes. EVO3 Olive Oil can handle high heat and is perfect for cooking.

Set Includes:

  • EVO3 CBD-Infused Organic Olive Oil (375mL)
  • EVO3 Organic Olive Oil (500mL)
  • EVO3 Olive Oil (1L)
  • EVO3 Bread Dipper Spice Blend
  • EVO3 Bamboo Cooking Spoon


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