Eden Reforestation Projects

In our mission to raise awareness of deforestation while helping people sustainably exit poverty, we have teamed up with a partner to aid us in achieving our one product, one tree philosophy.

Eden Reforestation Projects is an organization that stays true to its word: by helping people from planting trees.  It was founded in 2005 and identified deforestation as the root to many social and environmental problems.   Crops were diminishing, the climate was changing and livelihoods were being destroyed.   From one reforestation nursery and an idea to help the climate, Eden was born.

Now, it has helped countless lives by creating employment, planted millions of trees and their aim is to keep going to reach milestone of planting BILLIONS of trees.

We are proud to work with a grass-roots organization like Eden, and a fruitful cooperation will help get more people involved in planting trees, saving forests and giving people for a better life by creating work.