Women's Cooperative of Parakila

To help out our local economy, as well as to aid the empowerment of women, we establish a second partnership with the the Women’s Coop of Parakila to help bring extra income to women who are financially vulnerable in a small village on Lesvos.

In 2001, 11 young women, with a respect of the past and tradition, formed the coop to give women in the small village an outlet to be creative in  the kitchen while trying to financially empower themselves.  They created traditional Greek “sweets of the spoon” from local fruits, herbs, spices and expanded over the years to create a wonderful array of local tastes.  They have also started to give workshops to tourists as well as any locals who want to learn more about traditional Greek cooking.

evo3’s sweet olive jam, an original and unique recipe, was tweaked with the women’s cooperative and is exclusively produced there.  All ingredients are found locally and prepared by the very women who have established the coop, as well as new members.  We are proud to be able to support a cooperative like this one, and with every jam you buy, you are not only planting a tree, but also giving back to this local village and helping mentally and financially empower these women.